Claim against Beverly MA police in suicide is rejected

A federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Beverly police by the mother of a 19-year-old woman who committed suicide in 2005 after leaving a hospital where officers had left her hours earlier. Judge Nancy Gertner ruled that Danielle Tarsook was not in custody when she died, so police had no duty under federal law to protect her at the time, the Salem News reported. Tarsook, who had a history of depression, was found hanged in her home a short time after she walked out of Beverly Hospital. Police had taken her to the hospital earlier in the day and left her there with her father, a police sergeant. A $10 million suit filed by Tarsook’s mother contended that police did not do enough to ensure her daughter’s well-being.

Reardon, Joyce & Akerson attorneys Michael Akerson, Andrew Gambaccini and John Vigliotti represented the three Beverly police officers and submitted the summary judgment motion that the Court allowed, entering judgment in their clients’ favor.

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