RJA succeeds in City’s appeal from favorable Civil Service Commission ruling reinstating the Chief of Police for the City of Methuen

In an earlier posting, RJA’s success in securing the return of the Methuen, Massachusetts Chief of Police to work after an improper termination was described.  Following the decision of the Civil Service Commission to return the Chief of Police to work, the City of Methuen filed an appeal with the Superior Court seeking to overturn that Commission decision.  Initially, the City sought an injunction preventing the Chief from returning to work while the City’s appeal was decided in the Court system.  RJA successfully opposed that request for an injunction and the Chief returned to work in short order.  Following extensive briefing and an oral argument in Lawrence Superior Court, in July, 2012, the Superior Court rejected the City’s appeal concluding that not one of the City’s various arguments had any merit.

RESULT:  The Commission decision ordering the return of the Chief of Police to work was affirmed.  With the time to appeal the Superior Court judgment to the Appeals Court now having expired, the decision now is a final judgment.

RJA CounselAndrew J. Gambaccini and John K. Vigliotti

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