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Archives for April 2014

Construction Site Accidents, What you need to know.

Workplace accidents happen far too often, especially on or near construction sites. The dangerous nature of the profession subjects workers to serious industry specific hazards. In Massachusetts, the construction industry is thriving, and the number of construction accidents is rising,so is important for workers learn about the labor protection laws that can help them, so getting this information around is essential for any employers, the use of signs and posters could be really useful providing this information and these are resources that can be found online, learn more about Labor Law Compliance Center to find more about it here.

Statistics from the United States Department of Labor tell us that twenty percent of all workplace fatalities nationwide occur in the construction industry. In 2014, that was 899 deaths — more than two deaths per day. According to those statistics, the four most common types of construction injuries are:

  • Falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Being struck by an object
  • Being caught on, or crushed by equipment or collapsing buildings.

In addition to these “fatal four” reasons, construction workers are vulnerable to chemical exposures and to injuries sustained from faulty or poorly-maintained equipment. [Read more…]

RJA Obtains Over $410,000.00 For Wrongfully Terminated Police Lieutenant

RJA’s client, a police lieutenant for the Wareham Police Department, was terminated from the employment that he had held for more than twenty years, and almost all of his adult life.  Believing that the termination was improperly driven by personal and political reasons, RJA soon set out, with its client, to gather together the strong evidence and arguments to prove that the firing was unjust.

A unanimous Civil Service Commission agreed with RJA’s arguments, concluding that the termination was “an unmistakable example of the effect of improper personal motives and undue political influence which have no place in a merit-based civil service system.”  The Commission further directed that the lieutenant be made whole for his lost wages and benefits, resulting in the payment to RJA’s client, including interest, of more than $230,000.00. [Read more…]