Claims of excessive force by Revere police denied

False arrest and excessive force claims against Revere police officer rejected based upon the work of RJA

            An individual claiming that he was arrested improperly and punched while handcuffed brought a federal civil rights claim based upon those allegations.  In a rare feat, the attorneys at RJA convinced a federal judge to dismiss the excessive force claim of the plaintiff based solely upon the allegations contained in the plaintiff’s own complaint.  Knowing that the plaintiff’s claims had been weakened severely, the plaintiff’s deposition was taken quickly and a motion for summary judgment then was filed on behalf of the officer.

RESULT:  Judgment entered in favor of the officer when the federal judge agreed that, as a matter of law, the plaintiff had not demonstrated that his claims against the officer were viable and should be considered by a jury.

COURT:  Federal District Court in Boston

RJA Counsel:  Attorney Andrew J. Gambaccini

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