Federal Court Rejects Claims Against Lawrence Police Chief and Captain

In November, 2010, a police officer with the Lawrence Police Department was in Lawrence District Court to support the son of the Department’s Deputy Police Chief, who had been charged with various crimes. While in the courthouse, the officer had an interaction with three civilians who were involved in the prosecution of the Deputy Chief’s son. Based upon that interaction, the three civilians complained to an Assistant District Attorney.

An investigation by the Lawrence Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police was conducted and, based upon that investigation, the police officer was charged with counts of witness intimidation and was arrested. After a grand jury elected not to indict him on the charges, the police officer sued the Lawrence Chief of Police, a Captain with the Lawrence Police Department, the City of Lawrence and members of the Massachusetts State Police. The officer alleged that his rights had been violated because he had been targeted and arrested falsely.

RJA represented the Lawrence Chief of Police and the Lawrence Captain. Through motion to dismiss paperwork, the argument was made that the officer’s claims were untimely and were insufficient as a matter of law to continue. The federal judge agreed and dismissed all claims against all of the defendants and the officer has decided not to pursue an appeal of that decision.

RESULT: Full and final dismissal of all claims.
RJA Counsel: Andrew J. Gambaccini

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