How Does Legal Marijuana Impact Personal Injury Cases?

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The legality of marijuana use by people over the age of 21 in Massachusetts does not change whether or not a person under the influence of the drug is at fault in a personal injury case.

The treatment of marijuana use, legal or not, is the same as the use of alcohol and other substances when it comes to things like driving, operating heavy machinery, and personal injury cases. Like alcohol, cannabis impairs a person’s reaction times.

Massachusetts has passed a range of laws governing the legal use of cannabis to keep people safe. Just as it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or with an open container, the same goes for marijuana.

If you are injured by a person found to be under the influence of marijuana, they cannot use its legality as a defense in a personal injury case.

People who use marijuana have a duty of care to others when they drive a vehicle. While it is legal to use marijuana, operating a vehicle under the influence is not lawful, and it is considered negligence in the event of an accident resulting in injury.

Negligence is a Key Factor

When it comes to personal injury claims, negligent conduct is a crucial factor. The individual guilty of wrongdoing that results in unnecessary injuries to another can be held legally responsible .

Carelessness generally leads to a finding of negligence in a personal injury case. Anyone driving under the influence of marijuana can be considered a negligent driver who is not taking due care for the safety of others.

Damages caused by a negligent party must be documented and presented in a personal injury lawsuit through the courts. Damages can include medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and similar losses.

If a driver has injured you while they were under the influence of marijuana, contact our office right away to ensure proper documentation of your injuries to receive maximum compensation. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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