I tripped and fell on a public sidewalk in Leicester and was injured.

Additional Information:

There was a defect in the sidewalk about 5 inches deep by 12 inches long in public sidewalk in Leicester. I tripped and suffered an injury to my knee and fractured my arm.  There were no signs but there was a witness, who lives nearby, and said that the defect has been there for weeks and the town was notified.  I plan to hire a personal injury attorney but was wondering if this is a pretty good case?


You do have a pretty good case, but the problem is that the town’s liability is capped by statute.  G.L. c. 84, §15 provides a limit of $5,000 for any injury upon a public way, and a sidewalk is part of the public way.  Your injuries might otherwise entitle you to a damage award much higher than the cap. 

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