I was struck and injured by a “rough terrain” forklift.

Additional Information:

I’m hoping you can help me determine if I have a case or not.  I was stuck and injured by a “rough terrain” forklift. I could not hear the back up beeper over all the other noise at the construction site in Shrewsbury. I also believe that the rear view mirrors of the forklift created a blind sport at the right rear of the forklift where I was struck.


As the claimant, you bear the burden of proving liability for the injury.  It appears that you do not have enough information at present to prove how the accident happened.  The fact that you did not hear the warning beeper could mean that it was not working at all or that it was not working properly because it was not loud enough to be heard.  The speed of the forklift as it backed up with a blind spot could also be negligent.  Further investigation of the circumstances surrounding your injury is required before you can decide whether you have enough evidence to make a case. 

The Shrewsbury Forklift Injury Attorneys at our firm represents clients in construction and forklift accident claims  in Shrewsbury Massachusetts and throughout Worcester County including the communities of Grafton, Millbury, Northbridge, Upton, Marlborough, Westborough, and Worcester.

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