Lawsuit against two Lowell police supervisors dismissed

RJA does what other attorneys could not do and obtains the dismissal of a lawsuit against two Lowell police supervisors

For any who believe that experience in representing police officers does not matter, and any licensed attorney can handle the job, a recent case involving RJA demonstrates the flaw in that thinking.  In this case, a plaintiff sued various persons and entities, including two police supervisors, for physical injuries that he claimed to have suffered after a beating.  City attorneys, who never met with the police supervisors to discuss the case, filed a motion to dismiss without the knowledge of the supervisors.  That motion was opposed by the plaintiff, who also amended his complaint in order to cure any problems with the allegations.  By that point, RJA had become involved on behalf of the officers and served a motion to dismiss the “fixed” complaint.  Whereas the motion to dismiss filed by other counsel was greeted with an opposition, the motion to dismiss crafted by RJA was met with an agreement from plaintiff’s counsel to dismiss all claims against both supervisors without the need even to involve the Court in hearing the motion.   Experience in handling the complexities of civil lawsuits against police officers matters and at times can make the difference between being a party to a case for years or being dismissed as a party shortly after a case is filed.

RESULT:  By stipulation agreed to by plaintiff’s counsel, all claims against both police supervisors were dismissed.

COURT:  Suffolk Superior Court

RJA Counsel:  Michael J. Akerson and Andrew J. Gambaccini

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