My daughter and I were in an auto accident in Worcester.

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The other driver was driving a delivery truck.  My daughter suffered from mild traumatic brain injury, broken nose and jaw and is having post traumatic stress.  I am having continued debilitating migraines and am being monitored by a neurologist. What do I need to know when hiring a personal injury attorney for this auto/ truck accident?


Other clients have posed the same question, “What should we look for when hiring a personal injury attorney?”  Please click here to view attorney answer.   However, your question does not indicate which driver was at fault in the accident so you may be looking for two attorneys, one for you and one for your daughter.  As a passenger, she may recover from all of the drivers whose negligence contributed to the accident.  That could include you, even though you are her parent; there is no immunity from suit in that situation.  Thus, her attorney should be different than your attorney in order to avoid a conflict of interest.  You would be looking only to the other driver for a recovery. 

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