RJA Obtains $58,000.00 Settlement In Motor Vehicle Accident Case

RJA’s client was driving in Carver, Massachusetts on a Sunday afternoon when a driver on an intersecting street went through a stop sign and crashed into our client’s vehicle. The force of the collision caused our client’s vehicle to perform a 360 degree spin until it came to rest against a telephone pole. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a fracture to a bone in his left arm and a second degree burn to his forearm from the air bag deployment. Prior to suit, the insurance companies made a number of offers, all of which were too low. Since there are occasions where insurance companies bank on attorneys who are unwilling to litigate and the insurance companies use that to their advantage in making their offers, RJA demonstrated that it was not in that class and instead filed suit on our client’s behalf in Superior Court. Soon after the litigation was commenced, the insurance company made a series of increased offers, until ultimately the matter was settled on favorable terms for our client.

RESULT: $58,000.00 settlement.
RJA Counsel: John K. Vigliotti and Andrew J. Gambaccini

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