What is the process once I hire a slip and fall lawyer?

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I slipped and fell on a puddle of water in a local convenient store in Millbury. I have 2 hairline fractures in my hip and one in my shoulder. There was no “caution/ wet floor” sign and there was one witness.  The witness took some pictures and video with her cell phone of water leaking out of the freezer case.


Once you hire an attorney, he/she will notify the convenience store of your injury to begin the claim process.  Your attorney will also begin to investigate the incident by obtaining copies of the photos and the video from the witness as well as getting a recorded or written statement from the witness.  Your attorney will also try to determine whether the freezer case belonged to the convenience store or to someone else and whether the other party was responsible for maintaining the case.  Your attorney will also want to obtain copies of your medical records and will monitor any ongoing medical treatment until you reach a medical end result.  He/she may get reports from some or all of your physicians concerning your injuries, the medical cause of those injuries and your prognosis, particularly if there are likely to be permanent impairments.  If the case does not settle, attorneys could file a lawsuit to seek damages to compensate you for your injuries.

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