What can I expect to happen after I hire a car accident attorney?

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I was involved in a car accident and was struck from behind.  The other drive was going about 80 MPH down route 9 in Shrewsbury when he hit my auto.  As a result of the accident my doctor has said I have 25% permanent partial  loss of function of lumbar spine.  I am going to hire a lawyer but wanted to be prepared-  what can I expect when I hire a car accident attorney?


The first thing that you can expect is to sign a bunch of forms.  Some of the forms you will have to sign and provide information for are:  Contingent Fee Agreement (which describes the terms of the relationship between you and your attorney);  Personal Injury Protection form (required by insurance companies to pay your no-fault insurance benefits); and medical authorizations (authorizes your attorney to obtain copies of your medical treatment records and bills).  The attorney will also want to know if you had any other damages as a result of the accident other than your personal injuries, such as damaged personal property, lost wages or economic benefits, lost activities or hobbies, or other expenses.  You can expect that the case will not resolve until you have reached a medical end result or it is apparent that your end result is some kind of permanent disability or need for long term medical treatment.  You can expect that the attorney or his/her staff will keep you apprised of any progress with the insurance companies and of any offers of settlement made by the companies. 

The Shrewsbury Car Accident Attorneys at Reardon, Joyce & Akerson, PC represents clients in auto accident claims in Shrewsbury Massachusetts and throughout Worcester County including the communities of Grafton, Northbridge, Northborough, Millbury, Upton, Westborough, and Worcester.

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