Will the type of care I receive following an injury impact my personal injury case?

Personal Injury care

Many clients ask if choosing an Emergency Room over an Urgent Care center affects their personal injury compensation. When dealing with an injury, it’s always important to take the proper steps when seeking medical treatment.

First, you need to consider your injury. If it requires immediate medical attention, you should not hesitate to go to an emergency room for care.

Even if you experience a minor injury, you should seek medical attention. For non-immediate medical needs, treatment by an urgent care center or your healthcare provider may be appropriate. There are many situations where you can sustain an injury and not feel the damage right away. In these cases, you may not need to visit an emergency room.

The most crucial aspect of any personal injury case is documenting your care, treatment plan, expenses, and time from work. Getting appropriate medical care is essential for your health and recovery, for documenting your injury, and for ensuring that you’re appropriately compensated.

Early treatment will not only help assure a faster recovery, but it will also help link the injury to the cause. The type of injury sustained will ultimately guide you to the kind of care you need.

No matter where you seek help for your injuries, resist the urge to “tough it out.” Doing so will negatively impact your personal injury case outcome and any other claims you may rightfully have. If you have been injured and have questions, contact our office today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer for guidance on your specific situation.

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