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Archives for January 2012

Bliss lawsuit a family matter in Wareham

Frank Mulligan | GateHouse News Media

Police Lt. Donald Bliss’s lawsuit is a family matter.

In the complaint filed with the U.S. District Court on Friday, his attorney, Andrew J. Gambaccini, states, “Donald Bliss’s love for the Wareham Police Department and his role within it was a family affair, as his immediate family had taken time to paint the station, his young son had waxed police cruisers and one of his daughters had cleaned offices in the station.”

Not only is Bliss listed as a plaintiff, but his wife and three children are also named as aggrieved parties in the lawsuit lodged against former interim Town Administrator John J. Sanguinet, former Selectmen Bruce Sauvageau, Jane Donahue, Brenda Eckstrom, John Cronan, James Potter, Wareham resident Lisa Bindas and the town of Wareham.

After he was fired in February 2009 from the police department, Bliss “suffered the indignity of returning to his home with trash bags filled with his personal items that had been housed at the station. His family members … still recall that day as the commencement of a traumatic ordeal that extended for more than two years,” according to the complaint.

The complaint states the two-year appeal period between Bliss’s firing and his eventual reinstatement proved to be financially ruinous to the Bliss family.

“The family became inundated with mounting bills, calls from creditors, litigation over unpaid debts, overdue taxes and liens,” states the complaint.

“The family was forced to sell previously cherished and liked items of value on Ebay in order to make mortgage and other payments,” according to the complaint.

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