Andrew Gambaccini Selected To Write Employee-Side Commentary For The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission Reporter

In Massachusetts, a significant number of public employees, including many police officers, are civil service employees and see their employment governed by the Commonwealth’s civil service laws and regulations.  The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission is the agency that processes and decides appeals of various types involving civil service employees, including disciplinary actions, bypass decisions, job classification disputes and other issues related to the civil service laws and regulations.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Commission Reporter is an important resource that publishes regularly the official decisions issued by the Civil Service Commission.  In addition to publishing the Commission’s decisions, the Reporter also features exclusive commentary from noted and experienced civil service attorneys.  These expert commentaries analyze the decisions of the Commission and provide readers with useful insight from the selected attorneys, who represent the sides of management and employees in disputes before the Commission.  Beginning in 2018, RJA Attorney Andrew Gambaccini will be writing the employee-side commentaries for the Reporter.

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