Was in car accident with a pedestrian. Is she suing me?

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I was in an auto accident with a pedestrian.  I was driving through a parking lot in the Greater Worcester area and  just as I started to go I saw her.   The car was idling forward, my foot wasn’t even on the gas yet.  I immediately hit the brakes and my vehicle barely bumped her.  It looks like she was just stunned or lost her balance and she fell to the ground.    I immediately went to her to make sure she was OK, and she said “It’s OK, I’m good”.   Now I’ve been contacted by her attorney.  Is she seriously sueing me?  What should I do?


The first thing you should do, if you have not already done it, is to notify your auto insurance carrier of the accident and the fact that the pedestrian’s attorney has contacted you.  You may want to hire an attorney to advise you whether you need to file an accident report with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Police Department, if you have not already filed the report.  Your Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage on your auto policy covers pedestrians, such as the one you bumped with your car here.  That means that her reasonable medical expenses and lost wages are paid by your insurance company so you need to provide the accident information to your insurance company, and it will handle her claim.  The contact by her attorney may only mean that she wants to open a PIP claim with your carrier, not that she is suing you. 

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