A large nonprofit organization in Shrewsbury, MA has breached the contract.

Additional Information: I’ve raised money for a large nonprofit organization in Shrewsbury, MA.   The organization is owned by a private person.  Now she has breached our contract and refuses to pay my commissions.  We have a written contract and witnesses as well. What should I do? ATTORNEY ANSWER: Inasmuch as commissions are considered wages under the Massachusetts Wage Act, you should file a complaint with

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In the state of MA, can an employer take an unauthorized deduction from an employee’s paycheck?

Additional Information: Is it legal for an employer to take an unauthorized deduction from an employee’s paycheck for damage done to company property? ATTORNEY ANSWER: No, an employer may not take any deduction for such damage, even if ostensibly authorized by the employee under the employer’s policies, unless there has been a court determination that the employee is responsible to the employer for the damage

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In Massachusetts, can severance payments be terminated?

Additional Information: Can my former employer terminate severance payments (salary continuation) if I gain employment prior to the severance term expiring? ATTORNEY ANSWER: There is no obligation in Massachusetts for employers to pay severance in most instances. The employer may unilaterally set the terms upon which it will pay severance, or the employer and employee may agree to the terms of the severance as part

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Are written employment offers legally binding in Massachusetts?

Additional Information: In my original employment offer letter, I was offered travel reimbursement as part of my compensation. I have submitted my travel expenses but my employer hasn’t reimbursed me. Are employers in Massachusetts legally required to pay vehicle expenses that were offered in a written employment offer? ATTORNEY ANSWER: The employment offer and your acceptance of it form a contract binding upon the employer

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Can a MA employer deny employment for misdemeanors from 7 years ago?

ATTORNEY ANSWER: Generally, an employer may not request information from a job applicant concerning any misdemeanor convictions older than five years.  That does not mean that the prospective employer may not acquire the information from another source.  Some employers, such as criminal justice agencies, armed forces, and many social services agencies or providers are authorized to obtain criminal record information about a job applicant.  Once

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Can my current employer give a potential employer a bad reference about me?

ATTORNEY ANSWER: The employment reference process is one that the courts have recognized as privileged so long as the past employer conveys honest reference information. In other words, so long as your previous employer does not make any false factual statements, it can provide an unflattering, or “bad”, reference. Your previous employer has a duty to respond truthfully to questions about your employment or it

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